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23750 Fern Crescent

Maple Ridge, BC, Canada

Telephone: (604) 466-4938

Our History

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Our club was chartered in 1958 with us celebrating our 60th Anniversary in 2018.

The catalyst for the formation of the group being a night school program taught by Laurie Meggait. Since formation, the club has operated from a variety of locations including members garages, basements, and greenhouses. Our first permanent workshop was housed in the basement of the old ice arena. With the assistance of the municipality, the club moved to its present address on Fern Crescent adjoining the home of the artist in residence.


We are a family-oriented arts group with members of all ages who are encouraged to explore creativity using a wide range of media.


Club activities include: 

  • Stone carving 

  • Mineral collecting 

  • Stone tumbling and polishing

  • Gemstone Cabochons

  • Gemstone Faceting

  • Mixed media sculpture

  • Jewellery Design & Fabrication

  • Silversmithing

  • Lost wax and other casting methods

  • Enamelling

  • Lampworking (glass) beads

  • Precious Metal Clay

As a member group of the Arts Council we now offer classes in Silver & Metalsmithing and Soapstone carving.

Our clubhouse also features an excellent display of rocks, crystals, and minerals for public viewing. We encourage the public to drop in Friday evenings for a tour and view activities in progress.

To find out more details about the club and our activities, please browse our website or visit us on Facebook. Please feel free to contact us through the appropriate link if you have any questions or to leave a message.

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Carvings by Ken Rimmer

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